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Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

This assignment has the team to assume the role of consultant or financial advisors. The team should develop a creative idea to pitch to the organization as a source of growth or opportunity. Use the two statements chosen by the team to evaluate and explain how the proposed change/addition (etc) would be beneficial to the organization. Also give detail as to what possible benefits the entity would see financially.

Your proposal is a written document (APA format, 750 -1050 words).
Make sure you have attached the financial statement that was used.

Make sure your proposal includes:

1. An Introduction that provides background on the proposed recommendation
2. The body should have major points supporting the proposal.
3. Also be sure to include graphs and/or tables (to help with delivery of your proposed item)
4. The Conclusion should wrap up/summarize your key points.
5. Be sure to also format your proposal in APA with a minimum of 3 peer reviewed/scholarly references.

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