Acc II Week 5 Discussion

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1. How can management use data from the cash flow statement to improve its management of cash?
2. As an investor, how will you use information from the cash flow statement?
3. How can management use the knowledge about the company’s operating cycle and data from the cash flow statement to control cash?
4. What are the three sections of the statement of cash flows? What kind of transactions flow through each section?
5. What are the three broad categories of ratio analysis? What do each of them tell us about a company’s financial health? What is one ratio that you think would be particularly helpful in assessing a company?
6. 6. What are the limitations of using financial ratios and how can management maximize the use of financial ratios?
7. 7. Describe business activities as part of the cash flow statement format.
8. 8. Techniques to analyze a financial statement.

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