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The following cash transactions took place during March, the first month of business for Cats and Dogs Company:
1. D.C. Dawg started a business, Cats and Dogs Company, by contributing $6,000.
2. The Cats and Dogs Company borrowed $2,000 from the bank on March 1. The note is a 1-year, 12% note, with both principal and interest to be repaid on February 28 of next year.
3. The company earned $900 in revenue.
4. Expenses amounted to $650.
5. Distributions to owners amounted to $25.
You are to complete the following tasks:
1. Show how each cash transaction affects the accounting equation.
ex: A = L + OE

6000 6000
1. Give one additional piece of information related to the transaction that could be recorded in an information system for a purpose other than the financial statements.
2. Prepare the four basic financial statements for the month of March.

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