Airline route and fleet planning

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Choose an Airline business model based in the GCC or otherwise: full service or low cost carrier (LCC) or a freighter airline. This is an airline of your choice, with airline name, branding, product, type of service, traffic, revenue, costing, operating hub, etc.

Conduct a full analysis to plan for the routes and fleet of your airline: e.g. long haul, ultra-long haul or short haul route types (or all combinations of routes)

a) The type of aircrafts to be used, limited to a maximum 2 types. Specific aircraft types e.g. Narrow bodies for LCC or wide bodies for long haul operations

b) aircraft characteristics both from a business (Revenue and Cost) and operations (Performance) perspective

c) Route characteristics e.g. Point 2 Point (P2P) traffic versus transfer traffic (6th freedom). Select a single hub or multi-hub operations

d) high yield versus low yield passengers

e) the cabin layout and interior design (for each type of chosen aircraft) – single class or 2 or 3 class configuration

f) The frequency of flights to destinations. Types of destinations to be served and how many?

g) The level of service (entertainment level and catering – number and type of meals/drinks). Minimum on board service versus full service

h) discuss impact of various costs on routes

i) discussion of Ancillary Revenue

j) discuss macro and micro factors in your business model to forecast future growth over the next 5 – 10 years

k) current fleet size and growth over the next few years

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