An Analysis of The Impact of Commercial Advertising Channels on Attracting Customers: A Field Study on Bein, (Country: Qatar )”

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research proposal.

The following guidelines will help you to prepare the research proposal.
A research proposal should ideally be included the following sections:
Research title- The research area should be narrow and you should select a context such as a company to conduct the research.
1. Introduction- under this you should include:
* An introduction to the chosen research area
* Research problem/ rationale
* Research aim
* Research objectives
* Research questions
1. Literature review
This section is a critical review of prior academic research studies similar to your topic/area. This section should also demonstrate gaps in prior research related to your topic while explaining how your research will address these gaps.
You are advised to develop a conceptual framework based on the literature review.
1. Methodology
You should provide a brief justification for the chosen research methodology. This section should include:
* A justification for the selected research philosophy
* A justification for the selected research approach
* A justification for the selected research design / strategy
* Description of the methods/techniques used for data collection
* How will you gain access to data?
* What is your study population and sample? What is the sample size? How your sample size was determined?
* Research context or where your research will be carried out? Why?
* How your data will be analysed?
1. Provisional work schedule

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