Annotated bibliography

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Part A

You will be required to annotate the above articles by writing a 500 word summary of each article. Please read the specific student instructions below.

The three annotations should be 500 words each. The annotation should contain two main sections:

1-Description – a brief summary of the article, that includes: Ø Bibliographic data

  • ØMain focus of the journal article – aims or objectives
  • ØResearch design and methods
  • ØSummary of key findings and conclusions
  • ØEthical considerations associated with the research


  1. Appraisal/evaluation

Ø What are the strengths and limitations of the research? Comment on the usefulness or limitations of the article in relation to your question i.e. weaknesses, reliability, missing content.

Ø How does this article contribute to the research question? Specifically, what does the author/s say about immunisation practice in a community health setting?

  • How should you format your annotated bibliography?
  • Article annotations:
  • Ø Each article annotation should not exceed 500 words
  • Ø May have more than one paragraph
  • Ø Should incorporate the two components of an annotation i.e. description (including detailed listed above) and appraisal/evaluation.

Part B

Once you have annotated the three articles, write a 500 word synthesis that critically discusses how the research will impact and inform the nurse’s practice in a community health setting. Briefly How does each of the three (3) research articles inform immunization practice in a community health setting? Discussion about the common links between the papers as well as the limitations of the evidence should be included. Discuss the 3 research articles together and use in text reference from the 3 articles.

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