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Written assignment questions give you the opportunity to demonstrate a mastery of the material from the texts, additional resources, and discussions. In your answers, be sure that when you make reference to the words or ideas of another, you carefully cite your sources. Your answer to each question below should be between 150 and 300 words in length (a paragraph or two, but less than a page).


Written assignments such as this one do not require the use of the APA format. Instead, please answer each question in a separate section, and number your answers, to make it clear to your mentor which section is meant to answer which question. Any citations you make should, of course, conform to APA guidelines for citations/reference lists.

1.According to Sung, there are some cases in which it is morally legitimate to patent/copyright genes, embryos, or their parts. What are those cases and what is the argument for including them?

2.According to Koepsell, there are both deontological and utilitarian reasons for prohibiting the patenting/copyright of genes, embryos, or their parts. Outline the arguments for both claims.

3.What are some of issues to consider within the topic of genetic privacy, and what is the relationship between genetic privacy and genetic discrimination?

4.Which of the traditional ethical theories are employed by those in the field of environmental ethics? Explain the relationship between traditional ethical theories and modern environmental ethics.

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