Arsonists and Types of Motives

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You are a senior member of an arson investigator unit. You are being supported by newly assigned criminal investigators from a street crime unit, whom don’t have much experience in the investigation of arson crimes. Being asked by the agency director to provide a paper for dissemination for the new investigators explaining various types of economic, psychological motives and accidental fire.

Describe the elements of proof for an arson fire.

– Identify and describe at least 2 distinct motives for individuals to commit arson. The motives you select should fall under 2 different categories below:

* Social

* Economic

* Psychological

– Provide a background of the type of person who is likely to commit arson for the motives you select.

– Suggest to the investigators where they might develop leads on the suspect based on the type of arsonist he or she might be. Explain in details.

– If the investigators have the opportunity to search the residence and or/business of the suspect, what artifacts should they be aware of that would help them identify motives of the arsonist? Explain in detail.

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