Assessment 1

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Read the abstracts of the attached articles (no. 1, 2, 3 & 4) and consider the appropriateness of the research design used to answer the research question.

Under the heading Research Design detail your thoughts about the appropriateness of the design used in each of these published research studies and suggest for each, an alternate way in which the research could have been conducted (approximately 125 words each).

Justify with refernces why your suggested alternative would be either more or less robust than the method chosen by the authors.

Total 500 words

Activity 2

Review the attached article no. 5 (approximately 500 words), and describe if and how the authors have addressed the following:

a) Randomisation
b) Allocation concealment
c) Blinding
d) Patient follow up
e) Intention-to-treat analysis

500 words

Activity 3

Evaluate the following study (article no. 3) using the COREQ checklist (approximately 500 words) with the title evaluating qualitative research

Wade, D., Brewin, D., Howell, D., White, E., Mythen, MG., Weinman, J. (2015) Intrusive memories of hallucinations and delusions in traumatized intensive care patients: An interview study. British Journal of Health Psychology. 20(3):613-631

500 words in paragraph style

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