Assignment 1: Discussion

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According to the authors of the text, avoidance of accountability is one of the major team dysfunctions. Especially in larger organizations, there exist a number of interrelated variables in relationship to any essential outcome. Therefore, there always appears to be an excuse or another person or group to blame for failure in reaching a key organizational outcome. In this assignment, you will discuss an experience you’ve had with a working team or group and how this avoidance of accountability caused major team dysfunction.
Based on your research and experience, in a minimum of 400 words, respond to the following points:
• Based on an experience you’ve had with a working team or group, how has the avoidance of accountability factor impacted the team and its effectiveness?
• What impact did this have on the work and goals of the team?
• Identify how this avoidance of accountability was overcome by actions taken by a leader or the group or both in developing new levels of accountability. If new levels of accountability were never developed, please describe the steps the team and/or the team leadership could have taken to build accountability and resolve this essential challenge.

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