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This discussion is a Critical Discussion aligned with Florida Educator Accomplished Practices (FEAP 6).
After reading the lecture notes in module 5 and doing research, post a two-paragraph comment per each of the following topics:
1. How would major legislation related to education impact your classroom practice? Provide specific examples thereof using legislation described in the module 5 lecture notes.
2. What are teachers’ ethical and legal responsibilities towards students? What would you do to ensure that you fulfill these responsibilities in your classroom? Be sure to provide examples.
3. What are the legal rights of teachers? Why is it important for teachers to be guaranteed such rights?
4. What are the legal rights of students? What do these rights do for students?
5. After going to the website and reading the article entitled “Moral and ethical issues in teacher education”, post another two-paragraph comment about how novice teachers can develop their professional ethical dispositions and which strategies they can use to this end.

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