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Assignment 1
Vision Board
Research has shown that pictures motivate us more than words. A vision board is a fun and creative way for you to clarify your dreams for the future and maintain focus and motivation for achieving goals related to those dreams. It helps to remind you of what you are working to accomplish.
Create a digital vision board using MS Word or PowerPoint to represent at least four (4) aspirations for your future. Use one page for each aspiration. You may also do it on paper/cardstock with magazine clippings, etc. and scan it in to upload this assignment.
Planning: Before you begin, think about your goals, desires, and aspirations. When you reach your greatest success, what will you have? What will you be doing? What kind of person will you be? Visualize your future in vivid detail. Be specific. Be clear. Be honest. Be positive. Consider all of the following categories and select 4 aspirations that are most meaningful to you:
• Education (What academic goals do you see yourself pursuing?)
• Work (What do you see yourself doing for a living? What volunteer activities will you participate in?)
• Emotions (What do you want to feel?)
• Relationships (Who do you want to have close relationships with?)
• Location (Where do you see yourself living? What type of dwelling?)
• Recreational Activities (What would you like to do in your spare time?)
• Personal Interests (What hobbies would you like to pursue? Where would you like to travel?)
• Wealth (What financial goals do you have?)
• Other (Consider health and well-being, “bucket list” items, personal development, etc.)
• Dive Deep: Instead of thinking, “I want to be happy,” challenge yourself to identify what specifically will make you feel that way. Is it money? A strong family? Respect from the community? Be specific!
Creating: Focus on images, not words. Images may include personal photos, clip art, pictures from the internet, etc. You may include a limited amount of text, such as famous quotes and motivational sayings, but use words sparingly. Combine several pictures to illustrate each aspiration to provide a more comprehensive understanding of your overall vision. For example, if my goal is to climb Mt. Everest, I might include pictures of a snowy mountain, clip art images of climbing gear, a map showing the location and an expedition photo, all of which relate to that one aspiration, all combined in a pleasing way on one page.
Add color, shapes, borders and other embellishments to fill all the blank space on each page. The final product should be neat, organized and creative

Assignment 2
What is your goal?
What benefits will you gain by achieving this goal?
What consequences will you experience by not achieving this goal?
What obstacles might you encounter while working on this goal?
How can you deal with the obstacles effectively if they occur?
What people or resources could help you with achieving this goal?

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