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Module: Advanced criminal law

Assignment Question:
Zara desperately wanted to go on holiday. When she checked her personal bank account, she found she had been credited with £2000 from an unknown source. Zara asked her friends what to do and they all said to keep it. Zara’s flatmates gave her £300 a month to pay the rent and other house bills. Zara brought some expensive clothes for her holiday and at the end of the month found that she had not got enough cash in her account to pay the water bill.
To celebrate her good fortune Zara took her friends to Pizza Palace. After eating the meal and getting the bill she realised that she did not have her purse with her. She told her friends that she would catch them up outside after she had paid the bill. When the waiter came to the table she said that she was going to the car to get her handbag and would return immediately. Zara walked through the door and then ran off down the road.
Zara used the internet to find the cheapest holiday insurance. She completed an application form online for Sunshine Insurance. One of the questions asked if she had any heart condition. When Zara was born, she had a defective heart valve which was repaired when she was 6 months old. She had annual reviews until she was 14 but at that time was told that no further appointments were necessary unless she had dizzy spells or shortness of breath. Zara is 24 and has not needed to attend the hospital since she was 14. Zara decided that she would not tick that part of the form as she was likely to incur a higher charge for insurance or not be insured at all. Zara submitted the form but when she saw how much Sunshine Insurance were charging she decided not to bother taking out insurance.
Zara knew that her boss Vincent had papers at his home which proved that Zara had been stealing from the company accounts. Zara went to Vincent’s house when she knew he was away for the weekend to destroy the papers. Zara took a hammer to break a window and climbed in. She could not find the papers but did find a silver necklace that she put in her pocket. Vincent’s mother, Verity arrived to water the plants and Zara used the hammer to knock her out. Verity had a fractured skull and was in a coma for a week.
Analyse Zara’s criminal liability from the offences covered during this course.

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