Behavior Questions

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

What is organizational behavior? What factors influence how individuals act and behave with an organization? (100 words)

How might the study of organizational behavior be important to a manager? (100 words)

What are “ethics”? What makes something ethical or unethical? (100 words)

In what way, may ethical and unethical behavior in the workplace have an impact on the organization? (100 words)

What is the difference between personal values and personal attitudes? (100 words)

Between personal values and personal attitudes, which one can (or should) have a greater influence on how you choose to act in the workplace? (100 words)

Think of a time when you reacted to something either in a positive or negative way. Was it the result of your values, attitude, or other factors? (100 words)

If had been someone else in the same situation, how might their reaction have been different from yours? (100 words)

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