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1. An Addison 12-year-old will find out if the $12 he paid for a 1968 Ryan baseball card was amazing or if he should have paid $1,200.
2. She didn`t know if it was 12 cents, $12 or $1,200. She just took the kid`s word for it.
3. Ryan, 43, has won 302 games in his career and is considered a shoo-in for baseball`s Hall of Fame.
4. Irmen needed help.she got the girl next door to help her. she was there when the whole thing happened, but she was busy.
5. Rookie cards are usually a player`s most expensive card.
What might be useful to know? (5 minimum)
1. The November issue of Beckett Baseball Card Monthly, a price guide, lists the Ryan rookie card at between $800-$1,200.
2. If a bank sends you a check for $2,000 when it should have been $20, you can`t say it`s their mistake and keep it.
3. She didn`t know if it was 12 cents, $12 or $1,200. She just took the kid`s word for it.
4. He should pay $1200, but the girl is only sold him $12.
5.Brian has a receipt, and his name is on it, the specific card and the price is $12

Who are the stakeholders?

1.Joe Irmen                                                                        4. Brian Wrzesinski

  1. the girl (from Irmen`s jewelry store) 5. Ball-Mart
  1. Joseph Wrzesinski 6. Nolan Ryan

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