California Labor law compare/contrast International or Federal

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Compare and contrast two similar laws one from the California and one from either the international context or from the perspective of another state. Or, California vs. Federal

  1. What are the points of ambiguity
  2. What actions would you take to rectify points of ambiguity if you were working in HR for a multinational corporation?

Pick one of the following topics:

Wage and Hour laws:

  1. minimum wage
  2. daily overtime
  3. alternative workweek schedules
  4. meal and rest periods
  5. vacations policies
  6. overtime exemptions
  7. deductions from wages
  8. itemized wage statement and paycheck requirements
  9. final paycheck


Leave laws:

  1. pregnancy disability leave
  2. paid family leave
  3. school issues and activities
  4. volunteer civil service
  5. time off to vote
  6. participation in judicial proceedings
  7. sick leave


Discrimination and harassment

  1. protected classes
  2. harassment
  3. third party harassment
  4. sexual favoritism
  5. policies and training as a defense
  6. harassment training
  7. Disability discrimination
  8. Age discrimination
  9. Reasonable accommodation for drug/alcohol rehabilitation


Domestic partners:

  1. insurance
  2. other benefits
  3. Government contracts
  4. Discrimination
  5. Same-sex marriage

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