Capstone week 8-1

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Capstone Week 8-1
In this learning activity, we will evaluate process improvement plan presentations. Your presentation will be based on the process improvement plan you developed throughout the course. Your presentation will be graded by your instructor separately, while your discussion grade will be based on whether or not you post your presentation and the depth of your follow-up posts. Your presentation should include:
a. A slide presentation 10-15 slides in length.
b. A 5 to 7 minute narration.
c. Presenter notes.
d. A discussion of the deficiencies in the current processes, your proposal of a new process, the requirements to successfully implement the process, and your plan of action.
The audience for your presentation is the board and stakeholders of the organization implementing the plan. When responding to another student’s post consider the following:
• What were the strengths of the presentation? Explain why.
• How could the presentation have been improved? It is not acceptable to state no recommendations or to say they should continue with what they are already doing.
• Justify your response with critical thinking and application of course material.

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