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Case Title, Location: This is the formal case name and the official reporter where the case can be found. I also need the chapter and page number where the case appeared in the text. Issue: This is the question, or questions, before the court. In criminal cases, one side has appealed an earlier decision by a lower court and asked this court (the one issuing the opinion) to decide an issue. You should identify no more than 2 issues from each case. Some cases have just one issue. Always present the issue in the form of a question. You should carefully read each case to identify the issue(s) Holding: This is the court’s answer to the question in the issue. First, answer the question with a “yes” or “no”. Then, provide a few sentences explaining the final decision. Reasoning: This is a shortened version of the “analysis” in a case brief. In this section, provide at least a paragraph explaining the main reason, or reasons, why the court decided as it did. If there is a major case which the court relied upon, mention that here. Disposition: This is the formal conclusion of the case, which should be easy to determine with a close reading of the case. From chapter 16 or 3 from Lippman, Matthew (2016). Contemporary Criminal Law. Sage Publications, Inc

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