CIS 142 Unit 5 Lab Assignment

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Watch the following video clips:
• “IT Managers Speak Out about Cloud Security”
• “Public Cloud Computing Security Concerns”
• See this article about “Cloud storage carries potent security risk”, including reading the information and viewing the short video (on Financial Services).
• View the paper “Notorious Nine Cloud Computing Top Threats in 2013” (Download by going to and searching for “notorious nine”.) Read over the nine top threats of 2013.
Complete a write-up based on the videos/reading listed above. Your write-up should be between one and two pages long (single spaced, Times New Roman, 12 point font) telling what you learned from watching the videos (or reading the material). At a minimum, make sure your write-up addresses the following items:
Give a short overview of the topic(s) covered; include as many details as necessary to make the topic(s) clear.
Explain any important terminology covered (including any terms that are new to you).
What is the significance of this topic (or topics) to cloud computing, or to business operations, or to its impact on IT responsibilities?
Have you used (or does your company use) any of the items talked about?
How does viewing this material inform or influence your view of cloud computing?

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