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Questions Refer to guideline
1A. How may communication techniques vary according to who you are speaking to? 1.1
1B. How can you identify someone is listening to your respectfully? 1.2
How should you communicate respectfully with a person with a disability?
1C. Imagine you are meeting with a client. Who would you represent the organisation? Mention dress, professionalism and personality. 1.3
1D. How would you provide urgent, confidential information? 1.4
2A. You are about to meet with a client with communication needs. How should you support them? List examples. 2.1
How could you support a colleague who is reluctant to contribute? 2.1
2B. Research what services are available in your area to provide translators? 2.2

2C. Name a communication barrier or problem you have identified in the past and how you overcome it. 2.3
2D. Explain in detail how you would defuse conflict between two colleagues who are constantly arguing. 2.4
What are problems caused by conflict? 2.4
2E. Write an email asking for feedback on communication to a colleague. 2.5
3A. Create a simple agenda for a meeting about a fundraising event. 3.1
3B. Write an email inviting people to the meeting. Mention all relevant details including the agenda.3.2
3C. What is the first thing you should do at a meeting after taking attendance and why? 3.3
Give examples of what you would say if people were going away from the agenda. 3.3
Should people challenge others’ ideas? Give your reasons. 3.3

What should people come away with at the end of the meeting? 3.3
3D. How can questions be used to explore issues? 3.4
How could information be provided? 3.4
3E. Read the following transcript of a meeting and identify barriers to all members participating.3.5

If you were chairing this meeting, how would you remove those barriers? 3.5
John: Why don’t we have a charity raffle?
Natalie: That’s silly, they never work.
David: How about we –
Natalie: We could do a fancy dress day instead, that would get people interested.
John: That might work.
Natalie: Or what about charity run? We could get loads of people involved in that.
David: I liked the fancy dress day idea.
John: So moving on, what charity shall we raise money for?

3F. As an extension to the email in Activity 3B, show how you would identify and address communication needs. 3.6
How would you support a person with complex communication needs in a meeting? 3.6
3G. Imagine Tim and Sarah are arguing over the best method of fundraising. How could you resolve the conflict? 3.7
3H. Write up the minutes of the meeting from the following information:

The meeting was held on 22nd January at 5pm. It was decided to run a charity run competition. The participants of the meeting (Tim, Sarah, John, Natalie and David) voted 4-1 in favour of it. Finalising a date has been held over until the next meeting, which will be held at the same time on 30th January, and no new business was raised. 3.8
3I. How can you evaluate the meeting? 3.9

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