Compare and contrast approaches to suffering in Christianity and Buddhism .

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Consider (at least) the following ideas in your paper

• The path for the alleviation of suffering in each tradition
• Ignorance vs sin
• Christian salvation vs Buddhist Nirvana (Nibbana or may have other spellings)
• The meaning of deities in each tradition (include Buddhist traditions that do not require deities)
• Prayer and meditation in both traditions
• The propensity towards religious violence in both traditions
• The propensity towards peacemaking in both traditions
• The following two points should be articulated intelligently from your own perspective so that you give logical reasons for the perspectives that you articulate. If you fail to give logical reasons that make an argument for your opinion this part of your paper will be incomplete
• The difference –as it impresses you—between the spiritual practices in the two religions that you choose
• The obstacles –as they impress you if they do—to practicing either of these religions

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