Compare the English colonization of North America (chs. 2 & 3) to the earlier Spanish example:Christopher Columbus, Letter on the First Voyage, 1493

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First Voyage” (1493)

  1. What does it tell you about European attitudes towards the “New World?”
  2. According to the video, what was the Columbian Exchange? In what ways did the Columbian Exchange benefit European colonization of the Americas?
  3.  In what ways did Indians, particularly the Algonquians, influence the development of European colonies in eastern North America between 1607 and 1625?
  4. Seeking God, Seizing Land, Reaping Conflict.” Explain what this means in terms of the period between 1625 and 1640. Be specific. (9 points)
  5.  In what significant ways did the lives of English colonists and Native Americans change between 1640 and 1660? (9 points)
  6.  How and why was slavery established in Virginia, Barbados, and South Carolina? (9 points)
  7.  Compare the English colonization of North America to the earlier Spanish example.
  8. What did these two forms of imperialism share in common, and how were they different? Be specific. (12 points)

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