Consumer Behavior Assignment 3. Ads

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Using the internet find advertisements for three (3) consumer oriented products, services or service providers (as described above) using websites from manufacturer to YouTube which appeal to you. Take some time to review how what is being advertised is displayed.
1. What is the environment in which, what is being advertised, is placed in? Is the setting inside or outside? Is it in a clinical or non-clinical setting? Is it day or night? Is it warm or cold? Is it sunny or rainy? Is the environment real, simulated (digital), or drawn (cartoon)?
2. Are there people, characters, or animals in the ad? If so, are they real, simulated (digital), or drawn (cartoon)? How are they being used? What are they doing? What is their age? What is their gender? Is there a mix of male and female or a single gender? What is their ethnicity? Is there a mix of ethnicities or just a single ethnic orientation? What about hair and eye color? What are they wearing?
3. What colors or design elements are being used? Is it in color or black and white? Is it bright or dim? If there are colors, is it brightly colored or dim and drab? Do the colors seem real or imagined? Is there a consistent color throughout the ad?
4. What type of language is being used? Is it written, spoken, sung or some combination? Is it English dominant or some other language? Is another language present? Are there any perceptible accents (British, southern US, western US, New England, etc.)?
5. Using up to a single sheet of paper per ad, bullet point details about your observations for each of the three (3) ads you selected. Try to capture your analysis of the ad as best you can with those bullet points. Compare what is similar and what may be different among the three ads you have chosen. Pay particular attention to how the elements found above helped frame your perception of the product or service.
6. When you are done with your review, select one advertisement which you felt most effectively framed the product or service for the consumer. Briefly describe what about the ad you feel made it was effective. Capture an image of the ad and add it to your word document.

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