Coordinate Security Operations

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**Security Implementation Briefing**

Following on from the previous assignment, your plan for the security operation has been approved.

It is the day before the event and you have been asked by the Security Director to conduct a 3-4 minute security implementation briefing to all personnel involved in the operation outlining the implementation strategy.

Your “written speech” briefing should demonstrate a reasonable level of professionalism and utilise the communication skills you have learnt to address professional colleagues in the security industry. Your communication skills used to conduct the briefing need to ensure accurate information exchange and confirm roles, responsibilities and operational objectives.

You are to write your briefing which must include:

1. An introduction.
2. An outline of the security operation.
3. An outline of the operational objectives.
4. Information about your high profile client.
5. Confirmation of roles of personnel involved.
6. Confirmation of responsibilities of personnel involved.
7. An explanation of the timelines for each stage of your operation.
8. An explanation of the operation being within budget however any deviation from the plan must be approved before being implemented.
9. An allowance for at least two questions from personnel at the end of the briefing

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