Corporate Governance

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There are 2 reports in this assignment. Each report is 1250 words and with 8 references.


Part 1.


In this part you don’t need to find a particular company. Just use the GENERIC

In Background and recommendations should including:

In background you need to write why this report is important to chairman (eg. it is higher probability that the company have no or lower diversity on board); what is AICD and what’s the target by the end of 2018 at first. Then write

  1. A) Why the company ask you to do the report? Reason is that ASX 200 company has 25% or less female participation on board.
  2. B) Evidences exist to support more females on board.

1)            What are the evidences? Need to find 3-4 evidence

2)            What are the areas where business has in prove. Need to use the corporate governance issues. i.e.- is that an issue of stakeholder participation?

-is that an issue of keeping corporation down?

-is that an issue of reducing risk? Risk will cause by the employee not challenge their chairman which means they are not diversity. Please use the word ‘ Group Thinking’ when writing this part

Sample answer could be ‘there are suppose that the evidences i.e. These areas of the business are setup better if you have more female participation’ Say what they are and explain them simply.


Evidence should ONLY find within Australia, US and UK. They have similar background, legal environment and culture.

  1. C) What is BAD about no changing if the company ignore or does not do the evidences?

Find the evidence from academic articles which both has the good and bad. Which means the article should include ‘what’s good if the company do and what’s bad if the company don’t’. Find 3-4 evidence.

*the negative is about if the board DO NOT have female participations. The positive is about the board have female participations.

** if you can’t find the both side of the evidence at least write one negative problem when the board without diversity.

  1. D) Recommendations answer how to fix the C)’s bad

The key point /issue is to think about ‘FEMALE SHOULD BEING APPOINTED BUT ON MERIT’

Clarified the key characteristic the skill set you want at first. Then start advertising/organizing the diversity.

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