Critical Essay

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Assignment 4: Critical Essay
Length: 2000 ±200 words
Make sure you include the page number of the references when you cite in text and in the references page. Also, make sure you have clear thesis statements and headings. Moreover, please include a table of contents.
1 Choose an issue in professional ethics that pertains to a particular type of professional. Although the issue you choose may have arisen from a specific situation you will not be writing this as a case study as in Assignment 3, rather your perspective will be more general in nature and similar to the philosophical articles in the textbook and the reading file that you have been reading.
Write a critical essay aiming to resolve the issue you pose by considering a range of possible positions on the issue. In your analysis, you will defend and develop your argument(s) in support of a position on the issue by considering any relevant considerations that have bearing on determining the best position from an ethical point of view. In your analysis, you will provide arguments and reasons that also show why the positions that you reject are less satisfactory from an ethical perspective than the position you defend. The argument(s) and reasons of your analysis will include considerations regarding relevant factual claims, ethical values and principles as well as ethically significant consequences or implications of a position. Again, you may make use of ethical theories if applicable to the analysis but this is not necessary. The goal of this assignment is to defend the most ethically satisfactory position on your chosen issue as well as showing why the alternative positions are ethically less satisfactory.

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