Curriculum Development in TESOL

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Assessment #2 – Program design: Designing a program of work within a specific teaching/learning context (2,500 words – 55%)

1. Analysing the designated context of learning and teaching, and the learners’ needs, showing how the socio-cultural, political, historical and pedagogical as well as technological factors in the context have been addressed in the design of the program.
2. Outlining the 10-week program in a table. For each unit in the program, you should include the title of the unit, its duration, the intended learning objectives, the content, and the main learning activities including the resources required. The table should also include the information about the formative and summative assessments and the reporting involved.
3. Specifying and justifying the principles that underpin the design of the program, using the details of the program, especially those included in the outline of the program to illustrate the applications of each of the underpinning principles. The justifications should be supported with references to the course readings, the related TESOL literature and curriculum documents. You should pay special attention to the underpinning rationale about language, culture, ESL/EFL/EALD learning and the relationships among them.

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