Demonstrating Impact of Social Enterprises final dissertation

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

The dissertation structure in the following ways

  1. Research Proposal
  2. Introduction and Literature Review, including objectives of the study(problem statements)
  3. Hypotheses
  4. Methodology
  5. Results
  6. Discussion, Implications and Recommendations for future research

Meanwhile, it should have a questionnaire/interview (data collection) as appendix. If it need an extra payment just let me know.

There is no set word distribution for each part. It really depends on the nature of the study. The bulk of the word count generally falls however in the results and discussion parts as those show the findings and the explanations for them. If you examine any journal article, you will notice that they generally have the same structure as i suggested above. Look at some examples and see how they distribute their word counts across the paper. Most journal articles average about 5000-7000 words to give you an idea.

Moreover, if you have any problem just make contact with me, I will ask for my supervisor.

However, you have already finished part 1 and part 2, so you only need to start from step 3 Hypotheses.

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