Discussion of the disconnect that characterizes the traumatized self ranges from sharply experienced physical sensations without stimulus

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  1. What is the importance of the physical dissociation that some trauma patients experience (Stout)?
  2. How does derealization affect one’s sense of body? of pain? How does it affect one’s perception?
  3. How does it affect one’s sense of self?
  4. Why does Stout emphasize humans as “symbolic creatures” ?
  5. How does the symbolic capacity she identifies in people help them make sense of themselves?
  6. How does it help them make sense of others? Why is it important?
  7. Why does the ability to relate different events or thoughts through symbols matter?
  8. How does this symbolic capacity relate to narrative (story)?
  9. How does narrative connect to a sense of self?
  10. Can thinking in symbols ever serve to unify the self?
  11. Since in trauma, sensations and feelings may “always have been completely without language”
  12.  How much sense does it make for people suffering from trauma to engage in psychotherapy?
  13. Why is the relationship between therapist and patient so important to Stout?
  14. How does its significance support her argument regarding trauma, memory, and awareness?
  15. How does gender enter into the construction of a self for Stout?
  16. Is gender more symbolic than biological for Stout?

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