e-learn wk6 part 2

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Part 2: Finalize Infographic
Assignment: Designing an Infographic for Geopolitical
State of Affairs and eLearning
An infographic is a way to tell a story visually using a series of connected images and data to present a complex subject quickly and clearly. On the other hand, creating an infographic is not a simple undertaking. The creators must understand the subject at hand thoroughly and be able to support it with data. In this module, you will identify and research a geopolitical event affecting a sector of the eLearning industry.

Using data and research, create an infographic of the geopolitical event and share it with your peers in your Learning Community discussion area. Your infographic will be a visual representation of the current geopolitical event that affects your chosen sector of the eLearning industry and will serve to:
Display the data
Induce the viewer to think about the substance of the data
Clearly delineate data results
Present a substantial amount of data in a small space
Make the data visually coherent
Provide for comparison of data
Provide a clear purpose: description, exploration, and visual representation of data
To prepare:
Select one of the infographic creation tools recommended in this module’s Learning Resources. (Note: If possible, choose one you have used before or create it in a graphics software program you are familiar with.) Based on the information and data you collected in Week 5, begin creating your infographic. Post drafts of a mockup in your Learning Community discussion area for review and feedback. When you are satisfied with the mockup, complete the infographic using your chosen tool.

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