Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

After reading the Common Core Mathematics Standards, the Principles and Standards for School Mathematics (PSSM), and your own state mathematics standards, compare the three documents.



Address one of the five content standards as listed in the PSSM:

Number and Operations




Data Analysis and Probability


Answer the following questions in your paper:

  1. How does the content progress through the grades from K – 12?
  2. How are these three documents similar/different?
  3. How would you incorporate each of the Process Standards from the PSSM at each level?


You are to:

  1. Cover the subject as asked.  Stick to the questions.
  2. Demonstrate your knowledge of the material.  She expects you to engage yourself with the material.  I think she might allow for some personal experience, but wants to see how thoroughly you have familiarized yourself with the course material.
  3. Provide applications to the classroom.
  4. Use the correct citations, if you have any references.

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