Effects of Advertising Presentation

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Choose a product or service from these examples: (Fast food) Research the Internet to analyze how that product or service has been advertised. Prepare a 15-Slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation in which you investigate the role of advertising in a culture of consumerism. Be sure to discuss the following: Who determines ethical standards for advertising? In what ways has advertising affected American culture? What are the key persuasive techniques used in consumer advertising? Illustrate with specific examples, explaining how each technique works. Discuss some of the critical issues that may arise from the following areas: Children and advertising Advertising in schools Health and advertising Political advertising Find one example of a commercial that strikes you as particularly creative and appealing; provide a link to that commercial: What are the elements that are unusual? What is the target group of the commercial? How does the commercial appeal to consumers? Why do you believe this commercial to be effective in brand name recognition? How are ethical standards met (or pushed to their limits)? Illustrate your findings with specific examples. Provide a hyperlink to your chosen commercial (consult tech support if you are uncertain how to link a YouTube video). List any references on the last slide

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