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Each answer must contain 80 – 100 words. If the main question has 2 questions within it, 50/50 word count will suffice (ex. question #1 has 2 questions within it)

1. Check out this WebMD website What is true in the article? What are the differences related to gender?
2. What can psychologists do to aid couples dealing with premature ejaculation? How can Kegel exercises and other interventions assist men with ejaculatory control?
3. As some of you may know, your instructor is part of the increasingly popular trend of marrying later in life (I was 50 years old). This trend has led to an increase in the numbers of unmarried adults (never married, divorced, or widowed). What have been some of the outcomes of this increase in unmarried adults?
4. Dr. William Harley, author of the book, His Needs, Her needs posits that there are 10 emotional needs which we seek to fulfill in intimate relationships. He notes that one should be aware of their needs as well as those of their partners. The needs are: Affection Sexual Fulfillment Conversation Recreational Companionship Honesty and Openness Physical Attractiveness Financial Support Domestic Support Family Commitment Admiration He provides a brief description of the needs at: How can psychologists and others interested in human sexual behavior help couples to identify and apply these data? What is the usefulness of these data in day to day life? Are there emotional needs which are important, but unaddressed from this framework?
5. How can psychologists work with women and men to help women achieve orgasm?

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