Evaluating the quality of qualitative research

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2) Words: 1750 wards (excluded references)
3) Objective: This assignment is assessing ability to apply the material you have learnt during the course to the evaluation of published qualitative research. Specifically, your ability to evaluate the quality and contribution to knowledge of published qualitative literature.
Task 1. Read Assignment Article (Gabbay J, le May A (2004). Evidence based guidelines or collectively constructed “mindlines?” Ethnographic study of knowledge management in primary care. BMJ 329(7473):1013-1016
Task 2. Use the CASP questions as headings in an essay evaluating the quality (strengths and weaknesses) of the Gabbay J & le May paper. You must write full sentences and provide evidence from the paper to support your claims.
Task 3. Conclude the essay with a section (around 250 words) on the contribution to knowledge of the Gabbay and le May paper. Ask yourself: Has the paper added anything to our understanding of the topic of EBM and how doctors use it in practice? Do the study findings change the way we think about EBM by supporting a previous finding, modifying an existing theory or providing a new theory? Should practice change as a result of this work?

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