Examines the history, philosophies, and practices of Yoga in their religious and cultural contexts.

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In the modern west, Yoga has become popular as a secular form of exercise. However, the diverse Yoga traditions of India have also involved sophisticated analyses of the mind and systems of meditation. Intrinsic to no single religion, Yoga has had roles in most South Asian traditions, including Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sufism or Islamic mysticism. The course surveys this rich history and the various forms of meditative and physical discipline Yoga has entailed.Reflection paper 1 should answer some combination of the following questions:

a) What do you study? How long have you been at UMB? Have you
taken classes in Asian Studies or Religious Studies before?

b) Have you ever tried yoga? Have you ever tried meditation? What were your experiences like?

c) Write about your perception of yoga. What is it? Who does it,
and why? How does popular culture today represent yoga? (Think about television and cinema, music, movies, news, advertising, etc.).

d) What are your learning goals for this course?

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