Executive Report for my management information systems class

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Use of tables and/or figures is highly recommended.
• There are many resources, templates, and examples of the executive report (or executive
summary) in the Internet. You may explore and refer them.
• It is strongly recommended to search and use reference articles (e.g., readings, news,
magazines, etc.) on your own in addition to the readings links in the attachment.
• Length and Format: Your report should be no longer than three pages including figures and
tables. Title page and references are not included in the page limit. The instructor will not read
and grade beyond the third page. Your report should be formatted in 11-point, Calibri, Arial or
Times New Roman, single or 1.15 spacing, and 1-inch margin in all four sides. A report that
violates any of these formatting requirements will not be graded (i.e., your submission can be
graded zero).

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