Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Take Both short stories “A White Heron”  by Sarah Orne-Jewett & “The Displace Person” by Flannery O’Connor and

  • List and briefly characterize their characters and show why they are necessary for that particular short story.
  • 200 words 
  • due on time

Then on a separate sheet of paper take the short story A White Heron”  by Sarah Orne-Jewett and answer the following questions below:


  1. Why does sylvy decide to give up 10 dollars (comparable to perhaps two hundred dollars today) and the kind, intriuging young man?


  1. What is the difference between sylvy’s and the young man’s relationship to the heron?


  1. How do you “read” sylvy view from the top of the pine tree? “Sylvia felt as if she too could go flying away mong the clouds.” It is a view of the larger world. Will she go there?


4.What has Sylvy lost, and what has she gained? What kind of “inititiation” has taken place? What kind has been refused? What do you make of the writer’s final refusal to make a judgment?

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