How Costco uses Supply Chain Management

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

The 8-page written report must be typed, single-spaced, one-inch margin on all sides, using a 12-point Times Roman font, with pages numbered and appropriate headings. The report should be based on the materials and application learned in this course. Students are expected to apply the course learning outcomes to their jobs and companies in which they are employed. They are expected to explore the learnings application and evaluate their organizations supply chain, and critically discuss the issues in their companys operational performances. It is

expected that students provide the improvements avenues in their organization supply chain spectrum in light of their learnings in this class. For confidentiality purposes, students can use a fictional name for their company in presenting their report. The 8-page written report should be uploaded on blackboard. All exhibits must be integrated within the report, numbered consecutively, with appropriate format, headings and labels, and clear acknowledgement of the data sources. References should be in the APA format.

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