HR Final Paper

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The Final Paper will be an analysis of the problem from the proposed project (see attached for this information), evaluate at least two potential solutions to the problem suggested by your research, and a recommendation of an HR policy to address the problem. Your paper must also include an explanation of how you might evaluate and determine the success of your recommendation and an explanation of how your recommendation will effect social change.

For your Final Paper:
 Locate a minimum of six current resources that provide information on the problem you selected and potential solutions to that problem. Your resources should include the following:
o Two academic journals
o Two practitioner journals
o Two Internet resources
** please note that three resources are located in the attached file for this assignment and must be used**

o Consider insights you have gained into the causes of and impact of the problem from your research.
o Find qualities that you think an ideal solution to the problem should have or standards you think an ideal solution should meet.
o Consider the advantages and disadvantages of each of the potential solutions suggested by the resources.
o Find a recommendation you would make to an HR department developing a policy to address the problem.
o Consider how you might determine whether that policy was a success.
o Consider how your policy might promote positive social change.

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