Human Resource Management – DB 2 – W4

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Gomez-Mejia, L. R., Balkin, D. B., & Cardy, R. L. (2016). Managing human resources (8th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education. ISBN: 9780133029697.
The purpose of this paper is to generate interaction among students regarding relevant course topics. You are required to create a paper in response to the provided question; the paper must be at least 550 words. All citations and references must be in current APA format 6th edition.
It is often said by those in leadership within large organizations that, “the only thing constant around here is change!” Continuous change in organizations is certainly one of the most challenging aspects managers face. These vibrant and dynamic work environments create significant challenges for training employees — especially when job tasks/responsibilities frequently change. What are some specific ways to identify training requirements when job responsibilities become a moving target?
Additional Information:
Substantive means, “with substance.” Avoid filling your paper with writing that does not add anything to the discussion.

If you paraphrase, be certain the reader can decipher what is your original thought versus what you are borrowing and use proper citations (APA format required)

Avoid the use of excessive quotes and long quotations.

Do not use Wikipedia as a reference for academic purposes.

All references must be scholarly and published within the last 3 years.

Incorporate the biblical/Christian worldview in your posts. Integrate this input rather than simply quoting a verse at the end of the post.

Key Components All key components of the paper’s prompt are answered.
Content The paper flows clearly and logically.
Clarity Major points are stated clearly.
Major Points Major points are supported by the following:
• At least 6 scholarly sources (published within the last 3 years), the course textbook, and Scripture cited in current APA format (no use of Wikipedia);
• Pertinent, conceptual, or personal examples; and
• Thoughtful analysis (considering assumptions, analyzing implications, comparing/contrasting concepts).
Spelling and Grammar Proper spelling and grammar are used.
Communication Required word count is met.

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