Illinois ought not to permit students, faculty and staff to carry concealed weapons on campus

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In Ethical Position Paper is when you take a position (pro or con) on a topic and argue why your position is the correct one. This is done by writing a persuasive argument.
A position paper is similar to a scientific experiment. You state a hypothesis (thesis) and then provide evidence that proves your hypothesis. Instead of running an experiment to collect data, your evidence is in the form of arguments (think of these as sub-hypothesis. Also defined as statements that “prove” your position is correct); factual evidence (from literature, philosophical theories, and other studies).

For this assignment though, all you need to do is a detailed outline for the ethical position paper you will do later. You may choose one of the following topics.
1) The state of Illinois ought not to permit students, faculty and staff to carry concealed weapons on campus.
2) The U.S. [ought to/ought not to] allow the creation of 3-parent embryos
3) Th U.S ought not to permit philosophical exemptions for mandatory vaccinations

Sources should be academically acceptable (peer-reviewed, government data, scholarly). Thus, a website put out by a narrow politically oriented group is unlikely to pass muster. In general, citations should be from strong sources meaning unbiased, with strong academic credentials. This means that the Hastings Center Report, American Journal of Bioethics, and Journal of the American Medical Association would be good references. People magazine, the Heritage Foundation Website, and any encyclopedia (including wikipedia) would be poor references. (You need to upload these references for me)

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