Introduction to humanities 2 Milestone 2

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Milestone 2

The artworks I have chosen are from the Rococo period from which I chose the “Oath of Horatii” whose artist was known as the Jacques-Louis David. The second artwork from the contemporary period is the “Death Squad,” and the artist who did this artwork was known as John Keane in the year 1991. The theme which was brought out in the two arts of work is actually the patriotic theme, where the heroic historical period was portrayed in the two periods. “Oath of Horatii” is the painting that was established in the year 1784, five years before the occurrence of Revolution in France. During this period, people in France were quite restless combining their efforts to fight for their democracy by overthrowing the monarchy.

“Oath of Horatii” is a work of art by Jacques-Louis David, and was established in the year 1784 (Mayer, 2017) this is a Rococo period art currently located in Louvre, Paris. “Death Squad,” is a work of art done by John Keane in the year 1991 and is currently located in the Imperial War Museums in London

Even though the Rococo art and the contemporary art took place in different periods, both of them shared a common idea of enlightenment which would pave a path for the two works of art.

Enlightenment and Neoclassicism were different but they both intertwined whereby Neoclassicism manifested cultural ideals whereas the enlightenment manifested broader political and philosophical movement.

Use the above submission to answer the questions below:

Write a draft of your context paragraphs. In doing so, explain how each work represents its particular social, historical, and cultural climate. Consider how each artwork is influenced by its respective culture’s traditions and ideologies. Determine how each work reflect the social and cultural identities of its day. Be sure to include in-text citations for any outside sources you summarize, paraphrase, or quote. – 2 paragraphs


Write drafts of your comparison and contrast paragraphs. Explain the similarities and differences present in the formal characteristics of the works. Consider how each work might have influenced or shaped social or cultural identities, and explain how the theme shared by the works might have a modern or contemporary expression. Be sure to include in-text citations for any outside sources you summarize, paraphrase, or quote. -2 paragraphs

Identify a contemporary artwork that expresses the same theme as the two artworks you’ve considered so far. Discuss this new piece, focusing on how it demonstrates the relevance of the shared theme in today’s society. Be sure to include in-text citations for any outside sources you summarize, paraphrase, or quote. – 1 paragraph


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