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Unit 3 Journal
After you have completed all of the Assignments in this unit, construct a 2–3-paragraph Journal entry, using a current event as the foundation for your answer to describe the patrol function and the discretionary use of police authority.

Unit 3 Learning Journal
Discuss how you think social media has affected the field of criminal justice in a positive and negative way. Provide examples to support you points.
Law Enforcement Hiring
Research at least four different police departments that are currently hiring or recruiting for police officers. Create a summary, putting the research you have completed in your own words, and do the following:
1. Describe the process used to recruit law enforcement personnel.
2. Discuss the current hiring trends in the law enforcement field. Describe why these hiring practices are successful and/or not successful.
3. Explore the methods used to train law enforcement personnel once hired. Describe these methods and their value.
4. Use at least 2–3 external resources, including academic journals, outside of the text to support your findings.

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