LASA 2 Internal and External Security Planning

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In this assignment, you will write a paper in which you create a network security plan for a small business.
You are an IT manager for a small business. You are being asked to create a network security plan both for internal IT workers and for the company in general.
You are to put together a network security plan that addresses each of the following components:
• Explain the use of virtual private networks (VPNs) and their security benefits and drawbacks.
• Create a standard procedure for adding new users to a network.
• Create a summary of a network plan, including the use of a firewall, written for a business person with limited knowledge of IT.
• Document the uses of an intrusion detection system.
• Identify and explain whether workers should be required to report potential security violations and create a policy based on your viewpoints.
• Determine the best e-mail policy for an organization and document it for a business owner.
• Create a password-change policy for a networking group.
• Provide an executive summary briefing for a non-IT manager to review the business implications for the IT policies that you are recommending.

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