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Motivating individuals and teams to meet organisational objectives is arguably one of the most important tasks for a manager. With reference to examples from your own organisation or an organisation with which you are familiar, consider why this is so.

Your answer should identify relevant motivational theories to demonstrate how the contemporary manager can effectively motivate and lead individuals and teams.


Your response should be in the form of a written report between 1,500 and 2,000 words.



Essentially, aside from your introduction and conclusions, there are 2 parts to this assignment:


Part 1


Why is it important to motivate people to achieve organisational objectives? Getting them to work on time and do their job is one thing, but to really buy into and strive towards achieving organisational objectives is something else. Why is this considered to be important today? Consider Adair’s manager and leader tasks perhaps


Part 2

How do manager’s and leader’s motivate individuals and teams. Here you might want to consider a few specific individuals or ‘typical’ individuals within your own organisation or one with which you are familiar. What motivates them and why? Alternatively you could consider a small number of people who are not motivated and consider what might motivate them and why. Consider the motivation model – the intrinsic, extrinsic and social needs which people have and drive them to achieve goals. The importance of aligning individual goals with organisational goals and the giving of feedback so that they know they have achieved. Consider the content and process theories:


Content – where they are in their personal lifecycle (just left school, planning to marry, young children, older children etc can all change their expectations and needs from work), their career aspirations – what motivates them?

Process – how are they motivated?


Which of these theories apply (remember, more than one could)?


Motivating teams – briefly, why is a team different to a group of individuals? How and why is motivating a team often different? Give an example of how to motivate a team – think about team attributes, the fact that teams tend to support each other, have shared objectives and goals.




What might this suggest for you when motivating individuals and teams either now or in the future?

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