Lifespan Developmental Psychology for the Health Sciences Research Paper Assignment

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You are to write a short research paper (5-6 double spaced pages). You should pick a research topic by selecting one of the four assignment readings provided in the assignment folder. You will then research that topic by finding three recent empirical journal articles from different authors. The three journal articles you find will give information to support, refute, or qualify the ideas presented in the course reading. These journal articles must be from Psychology or related scientific journals and must be reporting empirical findings (empirical journal articles will have a method section and a results section). Write a statement paragraph for your paper. Take a position supporting, refuting, or qualifying the ideas presented in the assignment reading, and then support your position. This statement does not need to be complicated or entirely novel, but it should be stated very clearly and explicitly. This paragraph should include an explicit statement of a thesis, and a concise overview of the argument you are making about the idea (including citations for all four articles you use, probably in parentheses). In the body of your paper you should summarize each of the four articles’ findings (in a separate paragraph or two) in your own words (no quotations). Focus your summary on how the articles relate to the topic you are researching. Do not simply copy the abstract. Clearly state how the article relates to what is said in your statement. Then report the method used (what was done), the results (what was found), and the conclusions. Each summary should be approximately half a page to a page in length. Write a concluding paragraph. Your conclusion will be very similar and style and content to your statement paragraph. Include the citations for the 4 sources again

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