L’Illusionniste (American Title: The Illusionist; Sylvain Chomet, 2010).

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Your task here is to construct a 3-4 page essay that locates the first four steps of the HURIER Model (hearing, understanding, remembering and interpretation) and addresses how they interact:

  1. First, hear the sound elements of the film (dialogue, sound effects, ambient noises, music).
  2. Second, understand the symbols and messages that are important. Identify them and explain how they are organized (are they central to understanding a place, the plot, a character?)
  3. Then turn to remembering. Does the film employ tactics that enable better remembering (again, of situation, character, plot or place)? Hint: if you feel an emotion at the end of the film it is probably because, over time, you are remembering pieces that add up.
  4. Finally, how shall we interpret it all? It is set in Scotland, so how do we remain culturally intelligent? Is contexting important to understand the central relationships of the characters or the important factors of place? What specific nonverbals affect the way you interpret the different characters, places or ideas? Is there a final moral/point of the story? Some elements may be more obvious than others. You do not have to consider each step equally in your paper. The important thing to remember with this essay is how the film expresses the listening principles and skills we have so far studied.

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