Logistics Improvements Plan Proposal

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Logistics Improvements Plan Proposal
Logistics is the control of the movement of goods from the point of origin to the consumer (Farris, Neil, Phillip and David 2013). Proper logistic will ensure that maximum goods are sold at the same time customer satisfaction is met.
Question 1
Winter and Summer Cloth line was started in 2004 as a Kantara family business to supply males and females of different age’s summer and winter wear. After several misunderstanding within the family, the company was sold to the firstborn, Michael Kantara, who renamed it to Kantara Fashion Line in 2006 and has been in operation since then.The company has majored in winter and summer wear ranging from dresses, shorts, trousers, sweaters and coats depending on the season. The company’s mission statement is to make the customer comfortable under the weather. Its main headquarters is in Miami with two thousand outlets in different countries around the world.


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