Lower the Power Bill

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You are running a small suburban restaurant and your electricity bill is currently $1400 a month. Your business is also losing about $200 a month over winter. In 500words, describe what is likely to be the cause of the high power bill(invent 3 likely reasons.) Then, describe the process you take to lower your power bill. This can include: Site inspections. Changing staff behaviour. Installing new equipment. If you undertake site inspections, describe what you might find, and make cost estimates of the amount of power saved by the various changes. Cite sources. If you install new equipment, cost out the installation and the expected saving. Note: Your electricity is coming from fossil fuels which is generating about 1 kilo of Co2 per kilowatt hour. Papers that mention that overall carbon production of the current bill, and the projected bill, will be marked higher. Again, cite sources.

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