MIS561 Lab 2: Work with Dictionary and Create Relational Database

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Scenario and Summary
In this lab, you will prepare a Data Dictionary based on the list of elements. Also, your task will be determined the tables, their relationships, primary and foreign keys. Based on this analysis, you will create Database Schema, relational tables, Entity –Relational Diagram (ERD), establish connection to your local MySQL Server, create physical database and insert data to the tables.
MySQL provides two primary types of file management: dictionary-managed files and MySQL Workbench-managed files. As part of this iLab, you will need to supply some information as to how you would use both of these approaches, and you will have to discuss some of the advantages of each.

For Step 3, you need access to your database instance. If you have any difficulties connecting your database instance, let’s take error messages, screen shots, descriptions of the situation to the graded threads and work as a team to resolve issues.
Now you are ready to proceed.

Your assignment will be graded based on the following.
Assignment Step Description Points
Step 1 Create Data Dictionary for provided elements (Word document) 15
Step 2 Create SCHEMA and database tables in MySQL Workbench 15
Step 3 Establish connection to the MySQL Server (screenshots) 15
Step 4 Insert data to tables using MySQL Workbench 15
Total Lab Points 60

• For Steps 1, 2, 3 and 4 create a single Word document and include the answers or solutions to all problems. Be sure to label your document and include your name and course number in the heading. Save your document as “yourname_Lab_2.docx.”
Submit both “yourname_Lab_2.docx” to the Dropbox for this week.

STEP 1: Create Data Dictionary for provided elements
As the DBA for your company, you have decided to install a new version of the MySQL database to replace the current database version being used. The old database has become a constant headache and seems to be causing an overload on the disk drive’s I/O channels. Further analysis has also shown that two primary large tables are the main points of access. The new tables will be DEPT, EMPLOYEE, and BONUS.
• Describe how you plan to compile the Data Dictionary and decide on the table’s structure with the new MySQL database.

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